Clinical Massage in Centerville Ohio

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Massage in Centerville, Ohio

I’m always contemplating how best to write (an intellectual process) about massage (an experiential process). I’m guessing there are almost as many reasons to enjoy receiving massage as there are people! Did you get over-zealous trimming the shrubs last week, or in the case of one of my clients, two months ago?  Is your body “mature” enough that you … Read the rest

Lymphatic Massage – Definition

Lymphatic system
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Lymphatic massage is very light massage, is very relaxing and is used to promote healthy flow of lymph, the clear fluid that flows throughout our bodies. The body system responsible for our immunity is lymphatic system.  Since the lymphatic system is the “garbage collector” of our body, this type of massage helps locate any imbalance/blockage … Read the rest

Swedish Massage -Definition

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This massage technique is the “bread and Butter” of the massage world.  Who doesn’t enjoy a back rub?  Swedish massage actually includes eight different techniques all of which we are tested on when we take our board exams for Ohio State Licensing.  I mainly use kneading, stroking and passive joint movements when it … Read the rest