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Chronic Muscle Tension is “Normal”…..NOT!

How many of us have a stiff neck and shoulders after sitting in front of the computer for who- knows-how-long?  Or worst yet, we wake-up from a night’s sleep with a stiff neck when we went to bed feeling fine!  Are chronically tight muscles a “normal” response to daily stressors?  That answer would be, “YES.”   Yes, … Read the rest

Acupressure -Definition

Acupressure is a modality where the fingers are used to stimulate acupuncture points instead of using needles.  Contacting these points releases muscle tension, promotes circulation of blood, as well as the body’s life force energy (Qi or Chi).  All of this supports the body’s own natural healing abilities.

What is Acupressure?

One of my favorite massage modalities to bring comfort to my clients is acupressure.  I think the name “acupressure” is actually a misnomer in the English language.  It is not the pressure I use that makes the muscles release, rather, it is the placement of my fingers on specific points on the body.  The points I use are actually … Read the rest