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Muscle Pain Relief for Gardeners

Massage and gardeners; the Perfect Combination!  How many of us seemingly discover “new muscles” after we have completed much needed gardening or yard work?  I know that I have countless times. That’s when I’m glad that being a massage therapist myself, I have lots of massage therapist friends!  Many times I hear people say, “Well, I just kept waiting for that ache or pain to leave and here I am weeks later not feeling much better.”

When we “over-do-it”, massage is often one of the most effective modalities to help our tired and/or strained muscles get to a speedy recovery. Our bodies have wonderful self-healing abilities and receiving a massage is an excellent way to encourage our body’s natural healing abilities.  How is that you ask?  Clinical tests looking at why massage seemed to be improving patient quality of life revealed that when we experience touch that feels safe, our bodies crank out Serotonin, a mood elevator and Endorphins, our body’s natural pain killers.  Also the sooner the muscle distress/tightness is released with massage, the easier it is for the muscle to regain its natural health!

Don’t wait!  Call today for massage and start feeling better. Your well being is worth the time and the money!


You can see some of the results from my gardening in the background



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