Clinical Massage in Centerville Ohio

Massage in Centerville, Ohio

I’m always contemplating how best to write (an intellectual process) about massage (an experiential process). I’m guessing there are almost as many reasons to enjoy receiving massage as there are people! Did you get over-zealous trimming the shrubs last week, or in the case of one of my clients, two months ago?  Is your body “mature” enough that you are finding it difficult to stay flexible?  Massage is a most enjoyable way to stay feeling more fit and vital.  Maybe your job is just a little bit more stressful right now than usual and your body is letting you know that you are feeling the strain.  Sometimes we just need to have a positive experience of feeling “good in our skin.”  Can you imagine a better job than helping people feel good?

Helping people feel better is what I love to do!  Yes, it is my “business”.  However, based on how I hear some people speak about their businesses, I don’t think I’m having the same experience with my business as they are. I talk about my business being a way for muscles to remember another way to be, rather than tight muscles or muscles in spasm.  Our muscles are no different than other aspects of ourselves.  Sometimes we “forget” about ourselves when we are so focused on others or maybe get so focused on accomplishing a specific task.  When we experience ourselves feeling stiff or “uptight”, massage is the perfect way for our bodies to remember another way to be.  Frankly, receiving massage is a wonderful way to celebrate being in your body! Why not come in and experience what I’m talking about, in person? I look forward to meeting you.

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