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Chronic Muscle Tension is “Normal”…..NOT!

How many of us have a stiff neck and shoulders after sitting in front of the computer for who- knows-how-long?  Or worst yet, we wake-up from a night’s sleep with a stiff neck when we went to bed feeling fine!  Are chronically tight muscles a “normal” response to daily stressors?  That answer would be, “YES.”   Yes, it is, in fact, very common to deal with tight muscles somewhere in our bodies but that doesn’t mean it is a good thing OR that we should ignore them.

When our muscle go into spasm or feel tight for a length of time often we experience ischemia in that area.  What is ischemia?  Ischemia refers to a decrease supply of oxygenated blood to a body part.  In the scope of this blog I’m writing about ischemia happening in our tight muscles.   Here’s how that scenario goes:  We have a spasm or chronic muscle tightness, which in turn doesn’t allow the normal amount of blood to the area, which in turn creates pain and the body’s natural response to pain is more muscle contraction, which leads to blood not coming to the area, which……you get the idea!  Muscle tension can be a vicious cycle.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.   Massage therapy is a “no-brainer” when it comes to de-stressing muscles.  Now, can you understand why it is not a good idea to “just wait” for chronic tension in your muscles “to go away?”

Whether I use  Swedish massage, positional release, CranialSacral, or acupressure typically you will experience substantial relief immediately.  More good news is that often massage can have an accumulative affect.  If you come to me to release your chronic muscle tension and you choose to come with some sort of consistency at first, normally we can stretch the time out between visits, if you desire, and still receive the desired results.  Often what was a seeming chronic tension muscle situation when you initially came to me will become an “only occasional” occurrence!

Stop ignoring your muscle pain, your body’s way of asking for HELP!  Come to me FOR RELIEF!

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Comments on: "Chronic Muscle Tension is “Normal”…..NOT!" (2)

  1. Anita Foster said:

    Great to hear from you, Mary! I’m glad to hear that your massage was an “attitude adjuster.” That sounds like a good thing for me to be doing for my clients.

  2. Mary Johnson said:

    That explains why you often use that whole side-body longitudinal massage movement – to get the juices flowing. Thanks again for yesterdays great massage. It was my “attitude adjuster”.

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