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Holiday Harmony

Yes, that’s correct, I avoided putting the “s” word in my title!  And the word I was avoiding – Stress!  I decided I would write a note that might be among many, which are written this holiday season about WHY to “keep it simple” for for this time of year. And THE #1 reason to do that is to avoid any additional stress.  I would love for you to receive a  massage from me during this season. It is a very enjoyable stress-reliever!  However, when we are not receiving massage  there are a few “”stress busters” we can enjoy.

First, simply take a few minutes and focus your awareness on your breathing!  I know it sounds crazy-simple and it is!  Air is our #1 fuel; it’s there above the need for food and water! But how often do we pay attention to our breathing? Fortunately, our bodies take breaths whether we notice or not but remember: where our attention goes our energy flows!  It is that simple so when we take even a few minutes to notice our breathing it is a good way for us to help our bodies naturally recharge.  Clinical studies show that respiratory capacity is the #1 indicator of longevity!

To expand on following your breath why not consider setting aside even a few minutes to start a meditation time?  Don’t let your mind conjuring  up people in gravity-defying poses stop you from the wonderful life and health enhancing qualities of meditation!  I speak from experience. In our often fast-paced society, it can be difficult staying grounded and focused because we can find ourselves pulled in so many directions.  Our minds can even say to us, “What? One more activity to try and incorporate into my day? Impossible!”  But what our minds don’t understand is that we are NOT machines as our culture often implies. As humans we are a complexity of highly tuned interactive systems that respond in a blink of an eye to all our body experience whether emotional or mental!  So the benefits of meditation can not be limited to intellectual analysis, it must be experienced.  I encourage you to explore the style of meditation that best suites you.

Below I have attached an article about only one style of practice, just as an idea.

Remember: keep your holidays as simple as possible and help yourself experience harmony this time of year!

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