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What is Acupressure?

One of my favorite massage modalities to bring comfort to my clients is acupressure.  I think the name “acupressure” is actually a misnomer in the English language.  It is not the pressure I use that makes the muscles release, rather, it is the placement of my fingers on specific points on the body.  The points I use are actually acupuncture points used in oriental medicine.

What makes this approach to releasing muscles different from another massage approach like Swedish massage?  Swedish massage approaches muscle tissue from a western understanding of the mechanical application (with our hands) of pressure and movement to change the muscle tissue.  Oriental medicine philosophy or model of our bodies includes a “mapping or charting” of a system of what are named “meridians.”  Meridians are the energetic pathways of our bodies that are very subtle and they can be detected by human senses. But science has yet to develop machines that can detect such subtle energy.  Science has validated that something is being effected in the system of acupuncture/acupressure to create positive results; they just don’t have the means to detect what it is.

When I work with my clients I often combine the soothing touch of traditional massage on the acupressure points.  As I work on the acupressure points I’m helping balance the client’s subtle energy which results in released muscles. I consider that I’m combining the best of the East and the West!  This approach is affective for anyone except the most muscle-bound client.  I find it to be the perfect modality for clients dealing with muscle tension due to everyday stressors or people dealing with fibromyalgia symptoms.

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