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Anita’s Trained Fingers Told Me What My Problem Was

This testimonial is from Mary Johnson in Beavercreek Ohio who has been coming to me for therapeutic massages for at least five years.

What amazes me about Anita is her ability to “feel” my muscles and tell me where my problem is.  Even though I think I am generally without pain or discomfort in my every-day-life, during the course of the hour-long massage, she’ll invariable find one or two hot spots that are so obvious, once she’s pointed them out, as being problem areas.  When pain creeps up gradually, it is easy to get used to it.  There is no need any more to deal with chronic pain – in my case from sitting in front of the computer too long every day.  I completely trust and rely on her to fix me up.

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  1. Anita Foster said:

    Thanks, so much Patti for taking the time to write in my blog!

  2. Patti Burnell said:

    Anita’s gentle touch is perfect for soothing the aches and pains that sneak up on me as I cope wih fibromyalgia and arthirtis. I have been a client for two years now and I find that massage is a very necessary part of takig care of myself. It is so much more than the physical release of the muscles and pain…it touches a bruised spirit and heals.

  3. Thanks, Mary for your comment!

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